Monday, June 28, 2010

Myrtle (:

So we left around 5-ish on friday night to drive to myrtle. I got to drive for an hour down there ! it was great. So it was only a three hour drive down there, it wasn't too bad. It just felt so long cause i stayed up the whole time, while kelsey was half asleep. So finally we got there. Now you think that we would have to pay to stay in a hotel for like one day which is stupid, so my mom friend that lives down there let us use her place. it was a condo. A pretty nice one. i mean it was walking distance to the beach. which was a good advantage. So the first day we went to broadway, [ which is pretty awesome ] but it was raining. but only for a while and it wasn't too bad. We went to eat at this place called Tony's, or something like that. it was a good steakhouse.

Then we went to the beach the next morning. ALL DAY LONG. well till like 5. Tanned all day and occasionally got into the water, and lets see... who got trembled under a wave ? I did. oh hahah, and kelsey. but it was way funnier ! Then we left and went to the boardwalk. the new one, thats on the beach. it wasn't all that great. Then we took pictures on the beach. it was really funn !
If you look at all the pictures, i guess you could say we had a pretty swell time !

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