Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesdayers (:

Hello Wednesdayers,
I hope it's going well for you.
Today is not my best, only because i've been stuck at home this whole day. Boo.
The only fun-filled part of my day was blasting some jack johnson and john mayer and etc.. music in my surround
sound system in my room (: oh && also packing ! Wanna know why I'm packing ? Well . . . If you must ask, I'm going to the beach with my best friend ! Kelsey Rae <3 ! Well she's coming over tomorrow, and well she's basically staying with me the whole weekend. && tomorrow. haha. Well to all you other bloggers out there hope you enjoyed reading my little "wednesdayers" blog !

[ && in my case "wednesdayers" is a word that I made up in my world! ]

{ so I'm not stupid ! ]

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