Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School .

So I'm sitting in class right now. Joy. ha actually today is my first day. [ what a great way to start off my blog right ? ] Anyways, I kinda really don't like my classes. I only like one. & that's my 3rd period. Creative writing. & I only know one person in that class. Tim O'connor. Pretty cool guy i guess. ha.
Anyways so as of right now i am in marketing. I did not sign up for this class and i really don't wanna take it. I already have computer apps 2 ; && this is baiscally the same. I don't need the same of the two classes. I wanted to do special Ed. [ Where you help out & stuff ] I really like that. But got stuck with this. I am getting a Drop/Add form & changing this class. End of disscussion.

So My first day outfit considered of a floral dress with a jean jacket and blue jesus sandals. Quite cute I must say. I got my outfit suggestion form J'waye & Kristina. Thank you guys (: I would put a picture up, but that would be quite difficult since I'm on school's computer.
Anyways gotta split ! schools about to end !
until then,
Morgan (:

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