Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 VMA's fashion

So I watched the VMA's the other night, and i really wasn't that fascinated by it. It really wan't what i exspected it to be. They made it seem like it was the best one yet, and what not. Personally i don't think it was that great. && Chelsea Handler wasn't funny at all, she kept on bagging on people and none like laughed with her. hahah. thats what you get.
Anyways I don't know if you watched the pre-show but there were some interesting outfits. I do know that Ke$ha got called on by the fashion police. Ha she looked "Trashy" hmm, i wonder why ? she was spotted wearing a trash bag that she said she made her self. I honestly didn't know that it was one, but i kinda thought it was cute, i mean for her. I can't seem to find a picture for her, so I'll be skipping this picture.
Then Nicole a.k.a. Snookie she wore this tight little blue dress and surprisingly didn't have her poof. She said that she was going for a new look and she had her hair down and she had bangs. I thought she looked really good ! and she was so orange that it wasn't even funny. She was on the news for it. HA. How funny is that ? unfortunally i really can't find pictures of all this ! but i did find a picture of Lady GaGa's Meat dress. I really don't know what went through her mind, when she had this made. The questions that came to mind were like she had to smell, how did it stay on her, why would you do that ?
Here are some pictures of GaGa and her lovely meat dress, and some other hot celebrities at the VMAs.

I absolutely adored Rhianna's dress and hair, i thought she looked stunning !

Katy Perry vs. Ashley Greene


Kanye returns quiet and really kinda kept on down low.

Taylor makes a great performance on her new song innocent and she looked beautiful out there !
Well this is really all i have for the night, so untill next time ,

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