Saturday, September 25, 2010

Am i Livin it Right ?

So at this moment i am obsessed with John Mayer. He is sexy and his song's make me feel alive and what not. I wish i could go to his concerts. That would be Amazing (: He wasn't that popular with the youth a couple of years ago. Until he came out with "Waiting on the World to Change" then song after song he came real popular. Ever since then i was in love.
I believe my favorite song by him would be "Why Georgia" oh && "Dancing with a Broken Heart" i love all his other ones too. I'm also lovin "Somethings' Missing" Looooovvveee it !

1 comment:

  1. Morgan dear,
    I believe you mixed his songs "Slow dancing in a burning room" and "Dreaming with a broken heart" together to get "Dancing with a broken heart" Bhahaha.