Friday, July 23, 2010

108 Degrees. Enough said.

So today was one of our youth activities, && I must say, it was so much fun. Even thought it was 108 degrees out. We made it pretty fun.
So I was with Kelsey last night, and we decided to go to bed at 5am. Not smart, speaking of . . we had to wake up at 8. but i mean hey, we woke up. So we woke up and got ready and then we were off. We were the first ones there. ON TIME. ha. no one else was there. then finally people were showing up. Then we off, once again. It was a pretty abundant crew, it was : Me, kelsey, Johnny, J'waye, Trey, Seira, L'tina, Caitlyn, Kristen, Lesli, && Todd. We left around 9:30ish and we all got hungry and we went to Mceedee's ! But before we got the van rolling, trey was coming in and he bumped his head on the door, and it was the funniest thing. I'm sure it hurt really bad, but i can't get over it, it was just funny. We finally arrived at McDonald's and me and Kelsey decided to split a Mixed berry smoothie, [which was quite good ] and then i got some hash browns. They were quite delicious ! After that convenient stop, we were heading to Morrow Mt. So we got there right, and we were expecting to be steering some canoes, well WRONG ! it was closed ! and that was the ONLY thing to do there ! Apparently the dock got detached and it is wandering around the surface of the lake about now. haha. Then we went on . . how you can say a "Hiking Trip." But it was legit so much fun i have to say. Because the adventure of just going up and down hips, jumping and running, is so much fun. I am defiantly a nature girl. It was a cute site to take pictures at but i wasn't planning on it because of how sweaty and gross we all were ! While we were on the trail, all the sudden try comes up behind me and tries to put a massive beetle on me ! but i got it off and he went caitlyn and succeed with his mission ! Poor caitlyn though, she fell ! we laughed so hard, i was trying so hard to get her up. Gah, i love her. She was okay, she brushed it off. So after our little twilight adventure as i called it, we wanted to go to Frank Likse park instead, but before we could leave Todd drove us to the top of the mountain and we saw a breath taking view ! it was so pretty. So as we were going to leave todd was trying to leave us so we all frantically start running and trey goes "Oh no, fag,fag,fag,fag !" haha it was the funniest thing. Apparently karma got kelsey because when she laughed at trey for hitting his head she hit her head the exact same way. haha. We wanted to go to the other park because it had paddle boats, and once agian . . you can only guess . . fail. It was closed. It was terrible walking around there, because everytihng thing was so distant. So we were about to die of heat. but we made the best out of it ! while me and caitlyn was swinging and sitting in the nice shade, J'waye, Kelsey, Seira, & L'tina went and ran in sprinklers. Jealous. Anyways, we had lunch there and it was a cute little spot. We had an exchange of water the whole time. Me and caitlyn where walking and all of the sudden try on my side j'waye on caitlyn's and they threw water on us ! I mean it felt good and we were ticked at the same time. they thought it was plain hilarious.
So then we got bored, and way too hot, and someone suggested that we go and get some icecream ! I mean that would cool us down, right ? Well it did. We went into downtown concord and we went to the cabarrus creamery. Kelsey & I splitted cookies & cream. It was quite yummy ! Then we walked around for a bit, and we listened to these homeless guys play guitar and sing, and i found it quite lovely, and seeing the smiles on their faces made me smile (: Then Todd whipped out his harmonica and jumped it. It was just lovely.
We finally went back to the church, and went down in the youth room. it felt amazing because it was air-conditioned. It was fantastic. I must say i would rather spend my whole day stranded with you guys, you guys started my weekend off we a smile on my heart (:
[ && if i must add i love hanging out with the youth. I could do it all day. I wish we could do it all day. i love you guys ! ]

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