Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hey White Liar !

So yesterday I went to Alana's house yesterday because my parents decided to go out to dinner. I must say it was pretty awesome. I learned how to play White Liar by Miranda Lambert on my guitar, and we were going to sing, then she changed her mind. I was like boo on you, because we got all dressed up and everything and she changed her mind. I was messing around with her make-up and my eyes looked AWESOME !

i edited it to make it to where you can see the color better, but i did my make-up pretty awesome if you ask me !
then i tried on this skirt of her's, it was short but way too cute.

Then here's me in the whole shabang (:

yeah i tohught it was a pretty causal cute outfit (: I hope you like it !
Skirt: Forever21
Shirt: Forever21
Belt: Target


  1. That skirt is totally cute! thanks for visiting my blog :) ballpoint+pen <3

  2. your are so welcomee !
    and thank you it is my friends !
    but haa thanks !