Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY !(:

So Sundays are always the best for me (:
something good always happens,
so speaking of . . we had a great church service in the am,
and sunday school, and after that i went home with this girl named siera.
She is considered one of my best friends (: i absolutely love her to death !
We had so much fun chillen at her house. Later L'tina, and her brother came over,
then Jerey and J'waye stopped by for a minute. It was pretty great. Then i finally let all them
hear me sing, and apparently i'm really good. I think otherwise, but whatever. La'toya
[ siera's mom ] told me that she's going to tell like the youth service person to make me sing.
I was like no way not in front of all those people. ha wrong.
Then we just chilled some more, and then La'toya dropped us off at the church around 5:30.
I had to go upstairs and type in the scriptures. I felt pretty awesome. ha.
Then church started, and it was another amazing one as always. We baptized 2 people tonight <3
So after church we had a baby shower for one of the people who go to our church, and I was
ready to get in there and get some food ! ah i was so hungry, you don't even know.
[ i was sneaking reese cups and fruit snacks during service, haa ]
The food was so good. we had cake. and it was the bomb. Funny story actually . . .

So it was me then kesley then siera sitting on one side hten dilion, jwaye and johnny on the opposite side.
I kept on looking at johnny, and looking at the cake and eye balling kelsey, but i didn't think he got the hint,
so i was telling siera about it, so i told her to distract kesley, and what not, and she did so and i had to tell kelsey that we were going to get johnny with cake. haha WRONGG. so kelsey was turned a different way, and when she least expected it,
WHAM ! haha, i smashed cake in her face. it was so funny i couldn't contain my self. Johnny was laughing and apparently he was the decoy, so kelsey thought it'd be fair if he got a little taste of it to, so she smashed it in his face. As i was trying to get her again, [ failed ] she got me before i got her. We all had so much icing on our faces. It was so much fun !
Then we washed it all off then like i don't know why but it's like a tradition to go outside, so we wen tout side and we took a lot of pictures and stuff, it was really fun too (:
I'm gald i went today, because i had so much fun, and i love my YOUTH < 3 !

I took this of my cousin dilon, && he is amazing at guitar, i'm trying to figure out how to post a video of him on here ! so that will come later (:
Thanks for reading my blog !

-morgan <3

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