Monday, July 19, 2010

" Morgan your so cute when your sleeping (: "

Hello bloggers whats up ?

Finally i came home today. Yesterday i went to emily's house and we went to the mall and i got this
Victoria Secret dog and it is ZEBRA !! ah i couldn't resist. Then i got a scarf from Forever21 [ my favorite store]
and i absolutely love it (: [ haa thank you emily !] [She half bought it for me]

Anyways, So how my day started off yesterday:

Welll, i was at church in the morning ! [finally] then emily texted me to hang out and i was like sure ! then
we went to the mall, and that was fun and we saw a couple people. eh wasn't that exciting. ha.
then we went back home and we spent hours trying to find Kamil's house and we couldn't find it, so
we decided to go a walk. which wasn't a good a idea because it waas aobut to stom and then it started to rain.
Don't get me wrong, i absolutely love the rain, but i i didn't like it this time because i had my phone ! And i can't
afford to get a new nice phone. ha so then her dad picked us up and we went home and we watched movies.
We watched the Blind Side. it was AMAZING ! i loved it ! Emily fell asleep. hahhaah while we were watching [ well me ]
she talked in her sleep ! oh my gosh this girl will talk. i mean talk for ages and she won't stop moving. It's the funniest
thing. Then i watched "Picture This" it's a really good movie ! then the next day i didn't wake up till 2. why ?
becasue a little somone I know didn't wake me up ! apparently I look cute when i sleep. i disagree.
Ha then so we chilled and what not, and so emily has this dog. && it's a poodle, and it is so freaking cute.
But we think it's a lesbo. why ? because it like like me. you just had to be there. it was quite funny actually.

Well that was my lovely evening with Em[ily] Gerhardt (:

So right now i'm officially obsessed with this song;

&& I dont' care that it's form Chris Brown (:

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