Monday, July 19, 2010

Yum ; Strawberries (:

So tonight guys i made a smoothie ! and it was Awesome ! it was strawberry with a hint of real orange juice.
[ from an actual orange; haha ]

-Yes you need a blender. [ the yogurt is already in there ! ]

- didn't show the orange ! ha sorry ! but i just squeezed it !

I prefer too use crushed ice to blend in there, it's way easier. Trust me, i learned the hard way. Then i added a lot of yogurt because it makes it smoother and i bit yummier, i used Yoplait original french Vanilla. Oh then i added Milk. then added the yummy red strawberries. then blended.
it came out really good, i don't know if this is qualified as a recipe, but i hope this will help you !


  1. Hey Morgan!

    Thanks for the comment, you are so sweet!! Made my day, honestly!! :)

    just want to say, I am loving this smoothie recipe. lol i am somewhat challenged in the smoothie department and mine always come out looking like paste. Yours looks so good I will have to try it with yogurt!! mmm!! thanks girl!!


  2. hey your so welcome ! I'm glad it made your day (:

    && really ?! thanks ! and oh haha maybe you should try again ! a little practice is all you need, and i hope mine helps ! and welcome once again !

    Morgan (: