Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Over the Rainbow

So today it rained. really hard. so hard i couldn't fall asleep. so hard yo couldn't bare to see a thing. But in my favor,
I loved every part of it. The wetness, the choreography of the rain when it falls, && then in the end the beautiful pictures that god paints.

Hope you can see this ; this is a very wide rainbow. It was an amazing site to see !

So in the car i was thinking to my self, "If i wasn't under the weather right now, I'd get out my rain coat, rain boots, umbrella, and go walking in the rain."
So i was browsing on the world wide web on some cute rain outfits, && this is what i came up with :

All black is one way to go. I mean if your going out to eat and you wanna walk in the rain, Maybe you would wear this ! A cute mid length black rain coat with some black tights and black pumps. Some girls don't like wearing heels, so those of you who are one of those people, go with some flats. Maybe splash it with some color and wear red, or yellow flats ! I don't know try something new and wild.

A pink light sweater, with some white skinnies with a clear over coat. & to accessorize it with a clear round umbrella. Go simple, if barely raining, maybe wear this out, if you were out to eat for lunch, or to a friend's house !

I found these online, [ I've seen them in stores too ] and thought they were so cute ! Coach boots. Purple, red, & pink. Every girl's colors. Fashionable, and comfy, and perfect to get wet it ! First type of coach you can't ruin !

Thanks for reading my fashion for the rain today !
tell me what you think !(:

- Morgann !

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