Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things i love :

- That feeling i get after i laugh so hard i can't breathe
- Snuggling
- Sitting on the beach after dark
- Blasting music with windows down on warm days
- Singing along badly
- Making random animal noises
- Talking to pets like they understand
- Endorphins
- Hugging people taller than me
- Staying up too late to talk to my friends
- When my bed is the most comfy place in the world, i don't wanna move
- Inside jokes that makes no sense.
- Vintage
- Making fun of horrible movies
- Beautiful itune shuffle mixes
- Nicknames
- Disney movies
- Movie soundtracks
- Making lists
- You


  1. awh thank youu (:
    i'll have to check your outt ! follow me and ill follow youu !(: