Monday, August 9, 2010

Best night of my life < 3 !

So Alana and I went to go see Justin Bieber in concert last night [ August 8,2010 ] and it was the best experience of my life. I really don't care what people say about him, he is amazing and very talented.
So we left around 2:30 sunday and rode the monorail. Now you would think two girls with bags and money with them would ride the train with a parent. well wrongo. we rode by ourselves. see i thought me and my cousin rode it together by our selfs to the jonas brothers concert. ha ERNT. so i told that to alana and her mom... and ha well yeah. Honestly is was a good and exhilarating experience for me, because sooner or later in life i have to learn to do things on my own. So today was the day. It was scary at first, because there were some creeps who got on, but it wasn't that bad because there were some girls who were going to the concert on there with their parents. so we were safe. [ plus my praying the whole time that we'd be safe, think topped it all off ] and then just our luck we had to sit on that train for an hour because there was construction and we had to wait to be cleared to go. and we were a bit nervous because it looked like little wayne and his crew just got on, and it made us nervous, and the guy sitting behind us was staring at us. so ha yeah it was quite the full experience.
Then we got to the convention center ! there was barely a line. okay so here's our story : we waited in line and we finally got in. but here was the catch it wasn't the right line, it was the line if you didn't have a ticket. and the guy told us to go back out side and go back at the end of the line, and wait. we were like heck no. so we fought our way through. haha. not literally though. but we did get in front of the line. haha. we met people in the line, and they were pretty nice girls ! we waited in that line for two hours to get inside. it was burning hot outside and a million people's body heat around us. talk about fun fun. then at 6:00 exactly we were all let in ! ahh the cold air brushing my face, and my heart dropping knowing that i'm in the presence of justin. ahh. it was just amazing. so we first rush to the souvenirs and stuff because none was there, and what perfect chance to get the first shirts right ?! we both got the same ones, it's white and has him on it.

Yeah love my shirt (:
So after that we went and got our seats and it was dead center and perfect view. we were up just a bit, but not tooooo high. It took literally forever for the show to start. We first had this girl come out and sing. Her name is Vita Chambers. She was actually good ! go check her out on youtube, then this girl named Jessica Jarrell came out and sang, oh my gosh this girl is amazing ! When i went home i downloaded all her songs ! anyways, she was really good. Then the show was finally starting ! SEAN KINGSTON was there ! he sang for us and all his pretty awesome songs, and the Dj first was dj-ing some songs and it was really fun. then IAZ came out and sang his song Solo. yeah i love him (: then finally JUSTIN BIEBER COMES OUT !!!! I'm pretty sure the first song he sang was love me. He sang so many and there was so much stuff going on i don't remember !
Anyways he then later came out in a heart device and sang over the crowd, it was my favorite part of the whole time <3

I have never in my life not to any guy, guy singer, band or anything ever, has made my cry ! Yes i cried at the concert. && I seriously believe that crying over a star is ridiculous, but I'm sorry i broke that rule last night. Then he came out again on this floating device and ahh it was just amazing, he danced sang, and there were videos of his life (: he was a baby doll when he was younger ! I can't even explain how amazing this concert was, you just had to be there ! && I know there are alot of girls out there with bieber fever just like me ! share the love (:
This was the most liberating day of my life, thank you alana garland for taking me !!(:

Justin Beiber, you only had to tell me one time, I will be your one less lonely girl. You told me to never say never, I need somebody to love like you, baby, baby, oh ♥

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