Tuesday, August 10, 2010

blah blah blaahh .

1. So i wanna make a list
2. I like making lists
3. I've made about 15 videos on facebook today
4. I like turkey jerky [ its yummy try it ]
5. I love my new ipad (:
6. I really wish i could be more spontaneous than i say i am.
7. I dont wanna make this an i wish list. but somethings i just need to get out. [ Im in the mood of blogging ]
8. I really wish he still liked me . .
9. I can't stop stalking your facebook page.
10. I love lamar and chris, they just made my day on faceboook. !
11. Uhm i really want my eyebrows waxed.
12. I feel like i can't even sing anymore, i really wanna sing for church but im too nervous i don't think i'm that good and every time i wanna sing i can't because theres not enough time or sometimes i don't ask. boo.
13. I'm glad i went to the bieber concert < 3 !
14. I wish i had more followers on this blog thing. i think my blogs are pretty interesting. Don't you ?
15. Every time i say "yeah buddy" i want someone to say back to me "rollin like a big shot"
16. I wish i had awesome clothes like the carson girls. they are so beautiful and they dont even know it. gah i love them so much, i wish i could hang out with them like all the time, they have so much fun its not even funny !
17. i wanna cry right now. and i don't even know why, i just have those teary feelings, and i just want to let it out.
18 . I like to wear make-up. well not like heavy eyeliner, but i wear eyeliner on occasions. well not even just on that. i barely wear it on occasion. ha i wear it if im messing around or yeah.
19. I wanna see jack johnson and john mayer in concert.
20. You know i really loved the times when it was just me kelsey rae kenzi and kelsi, those were the good ole days (: i miss them.
21. I like trying new things.
22. I wanna go ice skating in New York and take pictures.
23. I feel like half this list is like a bucket list.
24. This is taking me forever because texting facebook skyping and music is distracting !
25. Don't love the boy, love the moments
26. I'm the jealous type. I hate it and it seems like it never goes away.
27. I wish i could be more loose and fun and not get so nervous and stuff all the time. Like camps for example, i don't let loose and stuff i dont know why. I mean l love it but i just don't feel it. Or at dances or something i just sometimes don't like the feel of it. I guess its my problem and can't explain it !
28. I really want some toms.
29. I need to learn one time by justin bieber on my guitar (:
30. Ray Lamontagne is an amazing singer and i love him, and i would love to see him in concert !
31. I wish i had more followers on this blog thing. i think my blogs are pretty interesting. Don't you ?
32. Well this was my list, hope this entertained you ! (:


  1. Let's hang out then, Silly! We should all go and take pictures somewhere. Do you have a field by your house? That'd be lovely. & We can absolutely go to a Jack Johnson or John Mayer concert together : )

  2. ha alrighty dear ! and yes we shouldd ! i do i do, and kelsey has many too ! and ah that would just make my life if we went together (: