Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tiring Thursdays

Happy Thursday everyone ! So of course i didn't wake up till 2 something and i didn't want to
make a post saying "Good Morning Bloggers!" so i decided to go with the second choice !
So i wanted to start my day off with some coffee and a biscuit, but the coffee i didn't have.
Only the biscuit happened ! Then after i finished my lovely danishes and coffee, i wanted to
go tanning. Did that happen ? I think not. So Once again i'll try and wake up early to go outside
to tan !! ha speaking of tanning, i have a "tan date" this saturday ! hahha with dean ! We are planning
to tan together. so we called it our "Tan Date" hahaa. Gosh i love him.

So I guess today i am doing absolutely nothing. So If you have any ideas for me to
do something, wing it at me. I'm willing for ANYTHING !
Please & thank you, of course (:
So until then...


  1. ha thanks im actaully about to. if not tomrw ! and its called "S'more Cupcake" and ill definitely take pictures and share everything about it !(: