Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work it Girlll !

So today i was on the phone with my lovely cousin, watching toddlers and tiaras, [ which may i say is a good show ] and there were girls at the ages from 2 years old to 10. It was craazy ! They like are fake ! i'm not trying to be mean, but everything about them is fake. fake eyelashes, fake tans, fake hair, teeth, its just not real.

So i was talking to my mom about it and she was like your little dress cost about $200. && i was like what dress ? For what ? she was like you were in a pageant when you were little. I was like WHAATTT ?!
So today i found out that i was in a pageant. so thats what i found out today, and i thought it was quite interesting, and thought i'd share that with you bloggers.

Oh and i was like "So mom, Did i win anything ?" She goes "Nope, i just remember a little girl who couldn't keep her pacifier in her mouth" hahhaha i was like " MOM I WAS 2 !!!! " gosh i love my pageant days < 3 !

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  1. Loooooossssaaaaaaaa
    I likey the new backround by the way. You're going to have to teach me the tricks of the trade. Please and Thanks you.