Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be honest with me.

Okay so there is something big on my mind. Something that i really don't care if everyone knows. I have a hug crush on this guy. I like him alot. More than a friend.

See we first started out, as just friends. We really didn't know much about each other. Then we got to be like good friends, then that moved on to be like BEST friends. and in every boy girl friendship, of course there's that love connection. Deny it if you please, but it's all so true. Facts my friends, Facts.

So this boy means a whole lot to me. We can talk forever and ever and honestly the silence is even like a conversation. that makes not a least bit of sense ha but i think and hope you know what i mean. So i know he likes me and he knows that i like him. but we aren't dating. There are a few reasons and other people's opinions are in the way. well right i don't give a care in the world about them. i finally found someone who likes me just for me. and he who is funny and crazy, has great style, always makes me laugh and so much more ! i love him to death as my best friend and more than a friend.

I don't know really what to do. i kinda have mixed motions. so anyone have suggestions that they may wanna share with me?
If so please comment this lovely blog ! please and thank youu (:


  1. awh.. i know EXACTLY what u mean(:

  2. i sayy sayy :
    " go get 'em girll ! "

  3. haha thanks guys !

    Jerey: agreed.
    Hannah: hah thank you someone knows where im coming from !

  4. <3 lOVE YOU MORGAN......