Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Say your last Words . . .

For these are your last . . "

The Hills is coming to an end. Today. Tuesday. Ever since Lauren left I have not watched like I used to. I mean I'll sneak a peak if there's nothing on TV and to be perfectly honest day time television doesn't have the best programming if you're not into law and order, judge shows, or Jerry springer. :)

So its boring old tuesday. I mean for me it's the middle of the week. Why may you ask ? well Monday is like
ew the week days are coming. Then Tuesday is like okay almost done right ? and also it's the day before church.
And I'm always looking forward for church. I love going to church to show my new outfits and talk to everyone, but i also go for one main reason. And its god. He is my absolute everything. It's good to know that there's someone up
there watching over us, and someone who died for us. You know i think there should be a day of silence just for him. Anyways so when tuesday comes i think, well its one day befpre church so its not too bad. Then Wednesday comes. and
personally it's the best day of the week to me ! then Thursday comes and its like ah yes the week is almost over !
then here it comes, get ready for it, its . . . FRIDAY!! the second best day of the week.
[well for some others its their favorite day of the week] Parties to go to, friends to chill with,
movies to watch. Its just fantastic.

So Apparently it's about to storm, It's been thundering like craazy, and to be frank, it's scaring the living canolies out of my dog.
Anyways, i've learned this new song on my guitar, and its by Demi Lovato and its called "World of Chances" maybe you've herd of it. Well you can look it up on youtube. Ooo that reminds me, So my best friend Alana Garland, is an amazing singer. and so the last few days she has of course been on the internet .. roaming around. She signed up for something that in-gages her to leave for a while. Where may you ask ? Tennessee ! Why Tennessee? Well she's going to

AMERICAN IDOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How awesome is that? she's only 16 and her grandparents are taking her. how lucky is she ? she's on youtube. just look up "Alana Garland, then she's the first one and it says "world of chances cover" she's greatt (:

Well it's 6:31 and I'm hungry and i want Panera Bread. [ Great Restaurant i'm telling ya. ]
So until then...


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