Sunday, July 11, 2010

kay donuts (:

So this past weekend was an absolute blast ! i spent it with my best friend kaylyn ! We had so much fun, first she came and picked me up, and i was nervous at first because i didn't recognize her. she's originally blonde, and this time she was a lovely brunette ! it looks really good in my opinion. So later we out to the new Brooklyn Pizza by my our house and it was really yummy ! i suggest you go to a Brooklyn Pizza if you live by one because that is just some great food ! So then after that we went back to her house and we were going on a walk right, but there was a HUGE storm coming and of course we saw people we knew and we were standing in the middle of the street... ah you know .. just talking. haha. but then we decided to go home because when a huge bolt of lightning strikes near you, I'd suggest you'd go inside !

So after we decided to go inside, we made our selfs some foods and went up stairs and watched Final Destination! Oh my gosh, i legit kept my eyes closed like the whole time. I mean take it from me, I absolutely love scary movies, but that movie was-was so gruesome. Too much like splatter guts and stuff haha, i dont know i just couldn't handle that much blood ! So after that gruesome movie, we watched the Lovely Bones. This was my second time watching it. It was her first ! I am telling you, It's definitely a Tear-Jerker movie. Kaylyn was balling like a baby. it was hilarious, i couldn't contain myself. But i definitely suggest seeing it ! Then after that i decided to show kaylyn my dancing moves ! [ ha if you knew me like that you would understand ] so we then got super hyper and it was about 2 o'clock am and we decided to walk outside. Ha so her friend morgan lives down the street from her and we wanted her to like come out. So our two heads put together .. we thought that we should throw rocks at her window. and of course dummy wasn't inside her room ! so we texted her to come out. and she did. We walked all the way down to the park and we swear we herd voices and we got scared and walked back home. but then we saw joel and we hung out for a little while. [ by the way he smelt amazingg ! ] haha, then we decided to go back home and we then we just chilled. nothing really exciting. OH ! but haha we did call quest. I know immature. but it is hilarious !

I had to do the voice. and my name was "Brandy" and I got 52 messages back ! ha that was a record for us. there were only "114 men online" yeah it was pretty great ! then it was around 5 o'clock am before we went to sleep. Mhmm we didn't get up till 1 pm. but we had to force ours selfs to wake up because we were going to the pool. We were there for about 3 hours? yeah thats right. And boy i did get tan ! So her dad asked us to go back to the house to get them more drinks so kaylyn got to drive the car back. just us. [ yeah we only have our permits] and i got to drive the car ! we were strolling, and blaring music in her hoood. yeah it was pretty amazing !! After that we all went back home, and then they took me home. I sincerely had an amazing time ! gah i'm glad she's my best friend (:

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