Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fourth of july amazing weekend prt.2 !

Alrighty i know this happened like a while ago, but i've been way too lazy to up date everyone on this ! haha.
So Sunday night i went to this cookout at my church and [ i only went because i was going to the carson's house ]
and we were going to go see fireworks in harrisburg but we ended up not going because we wanted to watch it from the house
and we got the crazy idea of going night swimming. which that only happened for a second, because there was a van stalking us. and so that freaked us out, so we walked home and tried to layout and watch them in her drive way. which was a fail because we couldn't see anything. ha so we were like alright lets wait and see if we can get their dad to take us down to harrisburg and watch the finale. well fail again. it was over. well we decide to walk around and we just ended up sitting in the round about thingy in her hood. and we felt stupid so we walked back. so me and kenzie thought it'd be a good idea to race each other back to her house and this stupid dog came up and like jumped on us and we screamed.. and kenz says I'm sorry your dog just scared us. and the guy did nothing about it. he did nothing whatsoever in his will to stop the dog. can you say rude?
Haa, so anyways kenzie suggested we should mock celebrities ... well try and look like them ! it was literally sooo much fun ! we all had photo shoots and everything!

[ Zooey Deschanel ; As Taylor ]

[ Brittany Snow ; As Caitlyn ]

[ Kristen Stewart ; As Kenzie ]

[ Rachel Bilson ; As Me ]

[ Lauren Conrad ; As Kelsi ]

[ ??? ha as Kelsey ]

[ Angelina Jolie ; As Makayla ]

Well those were our look alikes photo shoots ! We definately pulled an all nighter doing this. Plus on top off that we made s'mores [ well me and kenzie didn't] but then me and her made sundays ! which were really really good. We also stayed up watching twlight. because the next day we went to go see Eclipse. [ Well i should say later that day ] haa. We stayed up till like 8 am. talk about being tired. then we went to the pool for an hour and tanned and swimed, it was a blast ! then we came back and ate like tne billion hot dogs and then we went to go watch new moon. then we left for the movies !

Then me and kenzie had our own little photo shoot (:

(: There's more, but I'm too lazy to upload all of them ! But i do have to thank Kenzie && Kelsi Carson for inviting me to this wonderful sleepover. it was amazing, and i love you guys so much you just don't even know ! thank you so so so much (: i absolutely adore hanging with you guys ! < 3 < 3 !
well until the next blog...

-Sincerely Morgan !

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