Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Amazing Fourth of july prt. 1

So This is a little late, [ this blog ] because i had the most amazing fourth of july everrr ! [ weekend ]
So my first part of my lovely weekend, my friend alana came over and me dad took us to go see Eclipse.It is literally the best one yet !

Then she spent the night, and the next day we went to Lake Norman for this party. A close friend's of my parents party of course.There were only about 30 people there ? yeah. But it was so much fun. He lives directly on the lake which is awesome, he lives in a wginormous house with a pool. ha i think that's just pretty awesome. We were there from like 4 to ha 12. At the beginning i must say it was pretty boring. But then like Tony's [ the guy whos house we were at] daughter lauren starte talking to us. i absolutely love her ! i've known he for so long. She literally made our night. So then later on my dad thought it would be a pretty good idea to fire the cannon off. it just makes a really loud noise and ALOT of smoke. ha. it scared the little dogs !
I felt so bad for them !

[ this was on the dock; alana took this. ]

Then Alana and I went down to the dock and watched fireworks. Haha her camera was not working at all. Like was insanely funny. So I took them on my phone. Which weren't that bad. Ha by the end when the fireworks were done, she figured out that she had "firework mode" on her camera ! and she only got one good picture. hahaha, i felt so bad.

The fireworks were really pretty ! I had so much fun ! well there's more to come , but just in different parts, well i have to go eat dinner now i'll finish up in a bit, but until then..

-sincerely morgan.

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