Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toothpaste Kisses

Bonjour stalkers !

/ \
How's life ? hmmm for me, not too bad. It's not the best [ yet ] but it's not the worst. So last night i was thinking to my self " Hey i should go down stairs and blog, because i had something on my mind, and now i regret it because now i don't remember a thing. boo.
I must admit my mind is a little foggy right now. I have boys on my mind, whoever A is on my mind, august 8th on my mind, church [big one] on my mind. i know it sounds like all that is nothing but its something alright.

It's 10:20 my dad just got me an apple pie from Mcdonald's and sweet tea. YUM. ahhh so last night i was in those put everything that i own together [outfits] which turned out to a success ! i digged deep, i mean deep in my closet and found really cute clothes that i've never seen and they are super cute. i can't wait to wear them out. well whenever i have a place to go. which i have no place to go. well anyways . . . I had a great combo of food last night, a bag of tootsie rolls, and gatorade. I have to say, it was quite yummy (:

So i only took a couple of pictures of outfits and crap, because my stupid camera died. && i was messing with my hair and it turned out pretty cute and i was proud of it. i hate it when you mess with it and it turns out really cute and its the time when your at home and can't go no where. then you sleep in it and it messes up. and you can't re-do it. ha so anyways !
i was inspired last night to take pictures of my outfits. well some :

That was ha only one outfit, i thought i uploaded more but i guess not. ha well i took a picture of my skirt and shoes:

I really hate my feet but ha i like my shoes. jessica simpson on sale for $16 ! i know crazy rightt !

So anyways my mind is full of water and it doesn't seem to be coming out. I'm distracted from blogging from facebook and the pigeon detectives. So when the water decides to flow out, ill be re-blogging. Untill then...

Au Revoir !

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