Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So i woke up this morning around 8 30-ish for an orthodontist appointment, to check up on my retainers. Of course i forgot them. well not the clear ones, just the metals ones. But she said my teeth were fine, so ha whatever. After that my mommy took my to McDonald's and i got a gravy biscuit [ YUM ] and Starbucks. what a great meal to start my day off. And it put me in a great mood. Today is a very special day. its my brother's birthday ! and he's coming over for dinner tonight. Hmm let's see what's on the menu: Steak, Potatoes, Salads, toasted bread, rice, oh && i think cheesecake ! [ <--his favorite ] i am so excited for it tonight !
So exactly what have i been doing all day ? welll i got 89 new songs on my ipod, and im super excited about that ! ha so basically i've been on the computer this whole day. What am i procrastinating ? : cleaning, making a card, making my bed, oh and eating lunch. haha. wow that is terrible. but hey when you are in the zone on your computer for a couple of hours , you forget about everything else you have to do. Great. Now my stomach is talking to me. "MORGANN ! . . . feed me." well i am honestly too lazy to go all the back up stairs to get food. so sorry it will just have to wait.

Ahh so to catch ya'll up on some stuff, i haven't slept on my bed in the past couple of days. why may you ask ? welll... The other week, i was laying comfy and all snuggly in my bed about to fall asleep, and something big and black flashed across my face. you can only guess what is was. i thought it was just fuzz, but unfourtunalty i guessed wrong. i turned around to see what it was and it was a big gross black SPIDERRR ! ew ew ew ewww! i hate them with a passion. i crawled down in the cracks of my bed, then it didnt come up for a while, then boom it came up again trying to get into my bed, and i tried to squash it but it dindt work ! so now i really dont know where its at. I called jwaye and was screaming [ haha ] and he stayed on the phone with me till i fell asleep. that night i slept in my big pink fuzzy chair in my room. after that night i haven't slept in my bed since.
I actually blew up my blow up mattress, so i've been sleeping on that ! which might i say it is very comfortable !

Also i found another critter in my room. it was thursday night, and me and my cousin kelsey were up around 3 am and i got up and went to the bathroom to put my retainers in . . i turned around and there was a head sticking out of my toilet ! i screamed and ran! kelsey got up and was like "what, what?!?!? " and she goes in there and screams her head off. we run down stairs to get my dad, he comes up and he's like what the heck is that ? and i swear it looked like a snake. but when my dad flipped the toilet seat up . . . it was . . . a FROG. a frog. i mean really. there was a frog in my toilet. GROSS ! haha but on the plus side he was a cutie. just chillen there. had no care in the world. haha.

So that was like the fun-filled week of my life in the days of summer nights ! haha.
there's more to come, and more to tell, keep reading bloggers !
until then...

Sincerely, Morgan.

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