Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Then after our lovely adventures in urban outfitters, we traveld out of the mall and across the street for kelsey's birthday dinner. You would never guess where we went to eat. Ha we ate at Bojangles for her dinner ! How funny is that ?! But hey, it was really good.

Hello bloggers ! Sorry i haven't really updated my blog in a while, & I'm about to post a couple of them (:

So the 12th of August was my cousin Kelsey Yvars birthday. I must say we enjoyed our selves pretty much ! I hope this was one of her favorite birthdays that she could in the future bring back her birthday memories and pick out this one. So for her 16th birthday, well see at first my mom & I were going to the mall [ Southpark ] & then she told me we were meeting up with kelsey and her sister. So I was like alrighty, YAY ! So originally kelsey was only supposed to go there to get a watch for her present from her sister. & Well she did. & It is gorgeous ! I absolutely love it !

This is her trying it on !

&& Here it is (:

It's a Guess watch. It's very purdy, don't ya think ? Ha. Anyways we went walking around, We came upon the great, mighty & most beautiful store in the world. Urban Outfitters <3 The best store in the entire world. Oh also Forever21. but yeah. So we were in there for about an hour. Only because the mall was about to close. Ha. Anways there was a sale of course, but i couldn't get anything because i forgot my money. Boo. But we cam across alot of cute things :

This hat was super cute ! & there was a green one, but personally i liked the purple one better ! There were a pair of shoes that I really wanted. The base color was a blue-ish green type and then had white on the top. Sad thing was that they were $58 dollers. The idiot i am, I forgot my money.

&& Then there are these other shoes I am DYING for !!! These are a different color in the picture, but i want the ones that are a dark brown and creme color.

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