Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday (:

So last sunday i spent my entire day with Andy & Michael. I can honestly say I had a blastt ! First Andy drove us to tacobell and we ate there, which was pretty yummy. Andy criticized me, because I got a kid's meal. whatever. Then we were sitting there talking for quite sometime, then we left. We really didn't want to go back to the church so we went to the mall. We walked into about maybe 3 stores and walked around the whole mall. This mall has 7 neighborhoods in it. [ Concord Mills ] But we had fun. Then we went Mcdonalds and got like 4 apple pies and a mcflurry. Oh & then we went back to Mcdonalds again and we got like a gallon of sweet tea and fries. YUM.
Then later we went back to the church and hung out and the guys played on the instruments and stuff. Yeah may not seem too fun but i left out some things, ha but it was so much fun ! I'm glad i went ! (:

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